Who We Are

Sunset Auto Club provides a meeting ground for luxury and high-performance sports car enthusiasts to converge and embark on open road driving adventure through the finest roads and scenery while exploring new towns, cities and destinations.

Our participants prefer to drive a variety of car makes, models and styles all of which are cool and superb in their own distinctive way and we take care of the rest including routes, activities, meals, accommodation, communication, videography/photography and support services.

We believe in a notion that all cars and persons are created equal so we engage everyone in a friendly, respectful and professional manner – no exceptions. Our mission is to provide a safe, fun and positive environment for a collective of like-minded individuals to enjoy their passion and build lasting friendship.

What We Stand For

Performance, style, handling, horsepower, torque and sound.

Experience the thrill of a scenic and open road adventure.

Enjoy natural features of mountains, beautiful trees, calming waters and gorgeous skies.

Great time and laid-back vibe of fun with friends, family and other car enthusiasts.

Meet like-minded individuals and form a new, long lasting bond and friendship.

What We Do


Same-day, non-competitive trips within and across state lines that brings out the fun in driving and open road adventure. An unparalleled thrill of road, momentum and steel with various destinations and activities. Great cars, people, roads, scenery and camaraderie – all in one day.

Supercar Scenic Tours

Plan a quick escape from the city and get behind a supercar for a nice and easy drive through the best roads with incredible terrain and sights. Just for a few hours, enjoy a private, individual and/or group guided tour along beautiful back roads with elevation changes, amazing views and scenery.

Route Scouting

A great open-road adventure begins with scouting the best roads in the country. We are dedicated to finding the most scenic route with the most unusual and unique attractions to bring you the best driving possible. Many individuals and organizations all across the country rely on us to help them find hidden gems of back roads and destinations that are suitable to their needs.

Fundraising & Awareness:

We believe in making a difference by getting involved with events for a good cause. Through partnerships with both profit and non-profit entities, we work together to collaborate and host automotive related events that will help raise funds and bring awareness to a cause in the community.

Upcoming Schedule

Anniversary Rally II

Location: Clarksburg, MD

Date/Time: August 23 , 2020

Registration: $225 per vehicle ($175 - Members)

Club Participants

Over 250 Happy Members!

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  • Luxury
  • Sports Cars
  • American Muscle
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