Modus Operandi

Thank you for considering membership of Sunset Auto Club. In order for you to be accepted as a member, we need to go over the principles & code of conduct of our organization and make sure you agree with them. The 3 Basic Principles listed below define who we are as a group of serious, but relaxed, auto enthusiasts.

If any of the three basic principles are not acceptable to you, please do not submit your information, as you will not be able to join us at this time. You may use the contact us page to submit your comments or tell us your concerns that prevent you from accepting this membership. We would like to hear from you and understand more.

Our Principles:

  • Friendly - The members & officers get along very well and show kindness & consideration towards everyone. This is very important to us and something you will need to do as well.
  • Respectful - We show respect towards all rides and people without exceptions. No ride is better than the next, just closer to completion. You will be required to act respectfully as a Sunset Auto Club member - both at club functions and in public away from Sunset Auto Club events.
  • Professional - We are organized & operated as a professional community organization and expect all members to act accordingly. You will be held to the standards of Sunset Auto Club and you will be expected to be a person of high moral character.

You will be removed from Sunset Auto Club for breaking the laws of our community, or letting your moral self degrade.

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