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What's behind you
doesn't matter.

Enzo Ferrari

Mediocrity is not
worth the trip.

Sergio Marchionne

I make my cars to go,
not to stop.

Ettore Bugatti

The quality is
remembered long after
the price is forgotten.

Sir Henry Royce

The Sunset Lifestyle

The ultimate open road adventure for high performance exotic, luxury and sports cars. GREAT cars, roads, scenery and camraderie - unforgettable experience!

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Next Rally

Peninsula Rally II (Annapolis - Hoopersville)
Location: Annapolis, MD
Date/Time: May 16, 2021
Registration Fee: $245 per vehicle ($195 - Members)


What We Are About


Performance, style, handling, horsepower, torque and sound.


Experience the thrill of scenic and open road adventure.


Enjoy natural features of mountains, beautiful trees, calming waters and gorgeous skies.


Great time and laid-back vibe of fun with friends, family and other car enthusiasts


Meet like-minded individuals and form long lasting bonds.